alarm bells ringing

im in shock.
and yet overcome with relief.
for i have just unloaded 4 years worth of baggage.

my parents know.
they're pissed.
they're furious.
they're on the verge of not wanted to see me ever again.
but somehow.
i just feel at peace.

im glad they realise whatever they say wont make me change my mind.
if they are right.
and i screw up my life, then i have no one to blame but myself.

but i truely genuinely think im right this time.
call me blind.
call me young
call me naive.
but i know im right.

the things they say about you.
hurts me deeply.
i feel like building a concrete wall of spikes surrounding u.
save u from those attacks on ur fragile heart.
we will make it.
yes we will.
be it 4 years. 5 years or the rest of our lives.
we will make it.
oh. btw.
they cancelled my plane tickets home.
so i guess i wont be coming back this sept. =(

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