XX chromosome.

a constantly debatable topic.

"our bodies, our choice."
thats the motto.
anti porn
anti prostitution.

but i wonder.
whats the world like without those so called "degrading" acts.
more specifically.
what will men be like?

well for one thing.
there will be a soaring increase in rapists.
and not to mention crime rates.
a hungry man is an angry man after all.

and what will happen to women.
those living off doing "deeds"
how will they earn their income if they have no education whatsoever.

the funny thing is....
feminism is starting to get its way.
greater sense of equality in the bedroom.
men are not the only initiators.

and a fine and awkwardly disturbing example is the recent rape case in morninington.
a man raped by a WOMAN.

thats what i call a sexual evolution.
a complete turn around of tables.

u start to wonder....
if one day more women than men will be paying for sex.
gigolos astray everywhere.
thats just so wrong.

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