open them books.

i need to start studying.
its been shoveled to the side of my head for the past few weeks.
trying to avoid the fact that exams are nearing.
not good.
not good at all.

and my most dreaded exam so far is global business.
it seems like i have to memorize the ENTIRE text!
not open book.
what a turn off.

for now.
my only consolation is that im going to start with chemistry.

how pathetic is that.


[L] said...

hey man when're your exams and stuff?
AND WHEN DO YOU GET BACK TO SINGAPORE! you can like join in me and my friend's bread day if you're a big fan of bread too! :D hahaha

Clara said...

hey hey! exams are in 2 weeks!! ahhhh...panic attack.

anyways...i'll be back on 29th Nov.=)
the bread day sounds great! muahaha.
but its a whole load of carbo we're talking about.=SSS

aah wells. comfort food. heh.