build it up buttercup.

ive been like a mini carpenter/ housewife for the past few days.

running around like a maniac trying to get things done for the house.
im so glad the worst of it is over.

i starting to have a fear of my freckles.
of them multiplying at an amazingly rapid speed such that they all merge into one huge spot.
which in turn covers my entire face.
making me look somewhat indian.

come to think of it.
i have several fears.

i am also afraid of sharp object.
this could be partly due to my accident prone nature.
i whinge at the sight of one pointed in my direction.
the fear is multiplied if the object happens to be in the hands of someone i do not have any intention of communicating with whatsoever.

i am also afraid of kids who are in dangerous situations.
for example if i see a kid who has his head at the same level as a corner of a glass table.
my instant reaction would be to curse at his parents.
who on earth would let their child be in such a position whereby the sudden slip of his shoe could result in eternal brain damage.
how scary is that.

i am also afraid of weird perverse looking strangers.
especially those middle aged to old men who sit in coffee shops all day sipping their glass of black coffee and reading the papers.
im just glad my dad doesnt do that.

i have many other fears. but voicing them out here would be of great advantage to you if you were to try to kidnap me.

so i shall stop here.

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