groooove it.

ive finally came down to taking dance classes.
and yes.
i know i need it.
considering my lack of hand leg coordination skills.
part of the effects of not being to multi-task.

now i feel rejuvenated.
like im FINALLY a member of a club im actually participating in.
i used to be a member of this australian asian association club thing.
and did NOTHING what so ever.
waste of my 15 bucks.

hm.....so far i have covered
salsa. meringue.
rumba and cha cha.

have i mentioned.
i took classes when i was younger.
like 9 or 10 ish.

this past experience in dance made me overly confident yesterday.
i figured that i would be able to cope with the silver class and not the bronze.
but boy..
was i WRONG.

i feel stupid now.

ah...the terror of school awaits.

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