lee inventions

im so bored that im typing for the sake of entertaining myself.
and no..im not sparing you from my ramblings any longer.
i bet i can go on for ages.
at this rate i would be able to write a novel.

but possibly a very dry and anti-climatic one.

wow. amazing.
after i typed that out.
my mind went blank.

eh wait. (15 mins later)
i got something.

i have several inventions that think really require manufacturing.

1. a straw-like device that enables you to drink any form of beverage while lying down.
2. shoe laces that dont have to be tied.
3. teleporting machine. (preferably palm sized)
4. underwear that can never be wedged.
5. a phone to ear holder.

that should be all for now.

and yes i do realise they make lazy people lazier.
but i dont care.
cause i am one of them.

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