black white lee.

today as i was on my way home from dance camp.
i stumbled across a bunch of artsy people who were doing portraits for FREE.
how could i resist.

i find it fascinating to have complete strangers staring and studying the contours of your face.
and from it.
they would probably know things that you didnt know u had yourself.

like the mole on the back of your neck.
or the kink in a lock of hair.

a cropped haired multi-coloured earring graduate from RMIT drew me.
along with 2 other dudes.

and this is what one came up with.

i do not think this looks like me.
but its nice just the same.

or maybe this is how i really do appear to be.
after only 6 hrs of sleep in 2 days.
the lack of sleep had probably cause some sort of face deformity without my awareness.

but i do like the fact that the colour of my skin portrayed in the portrait is VERY accurate.


chang said...

i think other than the colour, everything else is screwed up.

maybe that's why they're doing this for free.

Clara said...

perhaps i should do something like that too. just that i draw feet.
that way i wont screw up so bad. and it wont be free.

i wont have to study ever again and stick to drawing feet portraits for the rest of my life.

how exciting.