this number looks familiar.
oh yeah.
it was the day i was born.
19 YEARS ago.

i dont feel any different.
should it be?
like the difference in 19 year old hairs on my body.
or my new 19 year old voice.
or 19 year old thoughts.

let me re-introduce myself.
im clara lee.
and im 19.
not used to it.

but i guess i only have to stick with that for a year.
and then.........
the dreaded number makes its appearance.
2! ( i would have typed it in a caps version of 2. but there is no such way)

and yes.
i know.
i like to dwell on my age a lot.
cause i have realised you can only dwell and whine about being a certain number for a year.
then u have to move on to the next one.
so might as well make full use of it.
if not the other numbers might get jealous that i pay such uneven attention to each.


Kenneth said...

eh! monday have dinner with me! set? i bring you go eat nice nice stuff and then go watch movie or what.

Clara said...

SET! sounds like a plan =)