one nine.

it scares me to think that in 2 days i will be 19.
that means only one more year of being a teenager.
one more year to be rebellious.
cause once i hit 20.
being a rebellious angsty teenager is no longer an acceptable reason for doing silly things.

im closer to dying.

and heres something for your amusement.
my parents mailed it over.
oh the things i would do to go back to that.


Mark said...

I was wondering... If you did'nt find this overwhelmingly stalkerish, that you would entertain the idea of having lunch with me this Saturday.

From -Guy who doesn't have any other way of asking you out and has to resort to stalker tactics.

*Happy Birthday btw (:

Clara said...

oh. i will be in dance camp! all the way in lillydale. and yes. that IS kinda stalkerish im afraid.

Mark said...

I'm sorry about that. I saw your name on the roll and googled it because I didn't want to wait another week to ask you out in a more traditional socially acceptable manner.

Oh well, all the best then. I'd prob have to go change my tute time now