this was something random i came up with. hope im still your friend.

someone random ate an apple.
and aimed it at a garbage bin but missed due to his or her lack of ball sense.
hm..this random person is starting to sound like me.
so, along came a rat.
who saw the apple core on the street.
and so he skittered over but due to his cramped neck, he couldnt look down and didnt see the open hole beneath and fell into it.
it was a puddle of water. deep enough to be an ocean equivalent for a rat.
that rat was strong, he waddled his way across the puddle, but with an extreme amount of effort.
little did he know, the water contained toxins that he had swallowed while gasping for air.
The toxins in his body were too much for his little kidneys to take and burst!
just as he was inches away from the highly desired apple core.
to the joy of a passing ginger cat, the rat was a treat.
a prey already presented to her. just like how a lazy cat like her would fancy.
so the cat pranced toward the rat and took a little nibble.
it tasted odd. but the cat wasnt fussed.
"grr..." her tummy growled.that couldnt be good.just as she was about to inspect her tummy situation...
a car zoomed past and flattened that very same tummy into a paper thin wafer.
and that was the last anyone heard of that growling tummy.

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