like someone else.

have you ever felt like you were meant to do something else in your life.
like be someone else.
it just so happened that you were accidentally placed in this body due to some biological error.

maybe it was the stillness in the air.
or the smell of the trees.
but somehow.
you just got mistaken for someone else.
and got placed into another human form.

maybe i wasnt even a human to begin with.
perhaps a leaf on a tree.
or a dandelion in a field.

then i would be picked up and blown by the breath of someone.
and my hair would all fly away.
and there i would be. left bald.
and dead.

i guess being in this human form is okay after all.
for i know how often dandelions get picked up.
as i often commit that murder.
and dying a bald death wouldnt be as great as how i would like to die.

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