this IS red.

i have realised that some people believe exactly what you tell them to believe.
if you tell them there was going to be a thunderstorm tomorrow
you would probably see them the next day wearing a poncho.
this is taking advantage of basic human trust, i know.

like in psychology.
there was this video i watched in which this guy managed to convince this lady that the colour yellow was red.
i have no clue how he did it.
something to do with the power of persuasion.

i was thinking.
if you were to give me a 1 year old kid.
and raise him up in total isolation from the eternal world.
this is becoming too unethical.
i shall stop this thought

lets change it.

i was thinking..........
if i had a 5 year old in front of me.
and told him that i was the parent assigning god.
and that his parents were not really his parents
due to some confusion in the filing of some parental designation papers.

all it takes is the level of confidence in your voice.
and a straight look.
no giggles.
no smirks.
just a straight serious look.

so if you were to translate this into the context of adults.
i would be able to convince people basically anything.
just as long as they dont read this post and find out who i am.
and my intentions would be disclosed.

i think this is the kind of demented thinking that brings about con artists.
lucky for u.
i am not capable of inhibiting my feelings in the form of facial expressions.

so not to worry.
if you have been wondering if i had mutilated the trust we have.

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