work work work. play play play play. work work work. play play play.

i believe the best way to not think about things you dont wish to think about
or not feel the way you wouldnt like to feel.
is to occupy yourself completely.

you have to do it this way.
pretend u have a mortar and pestle in front of you.
dump all those negative thoughts and feelings inside that big mortar of yours.
and grind it up.
just crush it.
until it becomes unrecognisable.
all it is now is mush.

it is this mush that will flavour ur soul
by using it to drive your inspiration.

no idea if my ramblings make sense.
but yeah.

bottom line is.
depression can be suppressed through the integration of negative "mush" into ur work.
as a result.
great masterpieces will emerge.

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