black white yellow brown.

im trying to think of theories on why is it that people hate other people.
in specific.

ok. i got to admit.
im not the purest of creatures when it comes to this topic.
i have a biased opinion myself.
just not strong enough to start a riot or burn down houses or kill people.

possible theories of racism.

1. upbringing.
when children are born, their parents display acts of hatred or dislike towards another race.
these young minds pick up little things around them through their senses and take it as a model on how to behave during a crucial period in their lives.
so when they observe such behaviour from the adults, their thinking, actions are influenced by this emission of negative feelings.

2. revenge.
revenge is sweet. thats what people say.
and it is.
thats why, when an act of injustice is done on a certain race, that race feels the need to have a taste of that sweetness through revenge.
in order for revenge to take place, a sense of hatred has to be cultivated.
im sure no one can take revenge on someone without feeling some sort of hatred towards that person.
cause if u carry out revenge without hatred, then there would be a totally different goal altogether.
jealousy for example.

3. fear.
fear is a strong emotion.
like for example.
if u see a spider.
and you get creeped out and frightened by it.
the fear can turn into hatred.
you HATE the spider.
so you see, if you fear something, hatred kind of follows suit.

so if all these influences dont exist;
adults do not act as negative models to their children,
there was no such thing as revenge,
and fear did not turn into hatred.
maybe the world would be one whole happy place.
where all colours converge.

then were would all the excitement be.

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