old new.

i have stumbled across several treasures on my journeys.
old type writer keys turned into jewelry.
or the ends of old english spoons turned into necklace pendants.


featuring art in jewelry and wall stickers.
so niceeee.

if i had the money.
and time.
and no school
i would do this:

rent any space.
preferably a nice cozy corner shop
nestled away in a funky part of town.
sell good strong coffee and homemade cakes and pastries.
couple of savories (mostly vegan).

it will also sell my art.
which comprises of illustrations.
short novels.

also another section for cds.
and the display items in the shop such as lamps, figurines and nick knacks will be on sale too.

i actually did a sketch of the whole layout.
but i think showing it here would be too aspirational.
and the scribbly sketch is horribly messy to decipher anything.

but yes.
thats what i would like to do.

but unfortunately. (or fortunately)
im in progress of stepping into a profession that requires that i deal with people crazier than myself.

for one.
i consider meeting crazy people an interesting experience.
it brings the word "human" to a whole new level.
i get paid for it.

so all is good.

but a cafe/music shop/art shop
would be nice.
lets see how things flow.

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