nickels and dimes.

i have been picking up loose change.
its like as if the leprechaun has a hole in his pocket or something

or maybe i just have the tendency of walking with my head down
so i notice things on the floor.

not sure.
but yeah
today i picked up a dime.
and the day before the same thing

of which i gave to some homeless dude.
along with the change in my pocket.
maybe thats why i found more today.

like another time.
i gave a busker 1.50
and when i sat down to have brunch in a cafe after
i found exactly 1.50 on the floor by my feet.
of which i gave to ANOTHER homeless dude.
i swear.
its spooky.

this justifies my karma theory.
give and it shall be returned.

ps. that damn flame juggling busker whom i gave 10 bucks to better be worth the karma.


Mr. Antonio said...

if u're looking for a $10 refund for karma, u'd better start looking up and ahead instead of down. cos coins are heavy and tend to just stay on the floor. but notes are light and you'll never know one of these days a $10 note may just fly by you.

Clara said...

oh hello neo.
hahah. i picked up a $20 note once and it wasnt flying!
it was more of floating on the ground.
hm....but i guess perhaps the unpredictable melbourne wind might make it fly.