smile that wrinkly smile will you.

when people get married.
and they spend about....
lets say 30 years together.

wont there be nothing left to say to each other.
the other half practically knows every single thing about the other.
what is there to tell.

like when i see old wrinkly couples in the restaurant.
they just eat.
and stare.
and stare.
but somehow.
they seem happy with the silence.

just looking at each other eat seems to be entertaining.

perhaps when you really love someone.
words dont matter.
the conversations made are irrelevant.

all that matters is seeing the other person happy.
and when they are.
you are too.
i guess thats what keeps them going.


but i cant really imagine myself doing that.
i would prefer to be the outrageous crazy lunatic old lady.
who has grandkids as spectators.
and cats as companions.

good luck to me i guess.
for simply watching my other half eat happily wont do the trick.

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