last supper.

today i was reading a book about what famous chefs would like to have for their last suppers.
so i have decided to come up with mine.
even though i rarely eat supper.
and yes. i have been quite the foodie lately.
cant help it.
thats all my parents and i talk about.
food, wine, cooking, eating.

so here goes.
it was so HARD.
cause im a glutton.
and i know that all i want to eat cannot fit in just one supper.

what it consists of:
antipasto platter.
consisting of fritatta, charred capsicum and eggplant, good black pitted olives, greek goat's feta, rosemary bread sticks, figs and mozzarella wrapped in thinly sliced prosciutto.

entree would be vongole pasta topped with grated bottarga.

main is 30 days grain fed steak from vue de monde.
side of the perfect mash and roasted butternut pumpkins.

shit this is so hard.
can i have 2.
i dont care.
im having 2.

simple slice of tiramisu.
glass of penfold's grandfather's port.
cheese platter of goats cheese, triple brie, table crackers and plump grapes.

where and when:
on a beach with a set table on a nice breezy night.
lanterns and candles adorn.

with who:
my loved ones.

cooked by:
myself along with my god father who has sparked my love for desserts.

so there it is..
damn. im not sure im happy with that.
somewhere i feel like slipping in bandung or sesame glutinous rice balls.
but it would just mess it all up.

so thats it.
if i were to die tomorrow.
i would have that meal.

now i want to die tommorow.

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