monalisa sponalisa.

oh no its july already??

despite my love for art.
it can be a bit bullshitty.
monalisa for example.

i dont see what the big fuss is!
firstly all that speculation is just way too excessive.
i bet if da vinci wasnt the painter
none of this nonsense would exist.
who cares if her finger was not in the original position intended
or her vail is two toned.

i mean...shes not even attractive.
she doesnt even have eyebrows or eyelashes!

another speculation is that da vinci used his own likeness to form this ambiguous person.

ever consider the fact that he might just want to see how people would react to the female representation of himself just to boost his ego?
so in a way we are fueling it?
or maybe he is just GAY.

ok. i may be going too far here.

but i dont see how this one single painting has had so much influence.
being incorporated into movies, songs, souvenirs, fashion perhaps?
even though i highly doubt anyone would like to dress like her.

and of course her tremendous influence on art itself.
reproductive interpretations by andy warhol, dali, and some funny french dude who decided to be a punk and painted one with a moustache and beard.

whatever it is.
my point is..
i think whoever first decided to go
"wow. this monalisa chick, shes hot. who is she?"
made a HUGE fuss over nothing.

its like putting a painting of a red dot in the abstract section of the Met museum.

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