ways to wash ur dishes effectively.

here are a couple of tips i picked up along the way from my years of dish-washing experience (or should i say lack of)

1. "gentle on hands" detergent are your best friend
without these you will get old wrinkly hands in twice the amount of time.
plus split nails that never seem to mend.

2. get a housemate who cant cook!
(sorry sophia. its a fact!!)
so yes. get a housemate who cant cook. that way you can cook and he or she can wash up!
its a fair deal.

3. lazy? just SOAK.
leave dirty dishes in sink and soak with warm soapy water.
that way you can come back to them whenever you feel like it without ever having to worry about nasty grits.

4. master the art of stacking.
stacking our dishes in a effect manner in you sink gives the illusion of more space.
more space in the sink = the further away you are from dish washing hell.

5. if all else fails, you can always rely on the trusty dishwasher.
the savior of them all.

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