i realised singaporeans have been pronouncing IKEA wronging.
as ee-kiah
when its meant to be I-key-ya.

ive this friend who is against the purchasing of IKEA (I-key-ya) products.
giving some reason about not have good quality and long lasting products.

i would like to argue against that.
for i can proudly say that my apartment is about 80% furnished with IKEA products. (making it look like a page out of an IKEA catalogue)
and also have a sneaky feeling that my friend's displeasure could be slightly due to her lack of carpentry skills.

for one,
they have every basic thing you would require to furnish a house.
i have experienced this first hand when i moved into my current place, having nothing more than kitchen cabinets in my 70 sq feet apartment.
so after 3 intense trips to ikea, i was practically all moved in and prepared to entertain.

its CHEAP.
who doesnt like that.
the cutting down of prices due to packaging, service, and delivery.
makes perfect sense.

their simple and clean cut designs are an additional factor.

so whoever says IKEA sucks, you are not welcome into my apartment.
for u will have to sit on an IKEA couch and sip tea from an IKEA glass while watching tv that is placed on an IKEA cabinet.


c said...

i think it's more to do with the homogenisation of homes all over the world. because ikea sells the same products everywhere, sooner or later a home in china would look the same as one in africa and one in sweden.

6 billion people would be sitting on the same ikea sofa.

Clara said...

ha i was afraid you would read this. ahaha if i think you are the c i think you are.
didnt even know u read this blog anymore!

anyways....u know ure welcome to my place=)