freshly baked bread by Dali.

Anthropomorphic bread 1932
oil on canvas.

i went to see the dali exhibition over the weekend.
it was AMAZING.
but not 100% satisified.
for i didnt get to see my favorite painting by him.
"the great masturbator"
and also the gallery was way too crowded.
i felt like i had to peer over towering shoulders just to get a glimpse of things.

i just love his style.
raw, gory, consisting of decapitated parts and rotting animals.
and the smart use of double image illusions.

Dali has a demented way of expressing his sexual being
in odd ways that utilise food and musical instruments.
for example,
a lady stroking the bow of a violin would send images of you know what running through ur mind.

he can even make bread sound sexy!
"Her arms are cradled like a bread basket".
"The cup of her revealed breast is like the heel of a loaf of bread"

a lot of his works are also based on Freudian theories, such as the one regarding delusion resulting from uncontrollable sexual desires.

oh! did i mention of his majorly bizarre fetishes.
all the way from bread.....to shoes..
any ordinary object becomes an object of sexual desire to him.

do u realise that in order for people to be successful in the world of creativity
be it music, art or dance.
they have to be obscenely crazy in one way or another?
like Beethoven (suffered from bipolar)
or Picasso (chopped off his ear)
and now...
Dali the eccentric.

to whoever that wants to become an art legend
good luck to your psychological health.
please seek consultation when needed.
not from me as yet.

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