the vandalism of vandalising art.

i have recently been sucked into the realm of graffiti after stumbling across an alley way filled top to bottom (trash bins included) with marvelous art.

some may not call it art.
for at first glance it may seem as vandalism.
but to me no wall should be left empty.
an empty space is just a waste of a conducive creative platform.
and its a good way to save paper too.

what i HATE is when one of the pieces i like gets painted over my some stupid mediocre person who just so happens to own a can of spray pant and decides it would be fun to do some "art".

or some rival artist who paints over to create war.

but then again street art IS street art.
so it is bound to be subjected to such harsh conditions.
be it the rainy weather or itchy handed children.

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