drunk centaurs.

the other day i went to watch a musical in uni.
i can safely say that was one of the worst musicals ive been to.
apart from those in secondary and primary school.

but yes.
it was not the best.
the plot was a murder mystery
which didnt turn out to be a mystery at all for i managed to guess the murderer about half way through the show.

and the fact that it was a musical is an understatement.
the only thing musical about it was the live orchestra playing
while the actors and actresses croaked out the lyrics.

the only consolation i got was this play i stumbled upon (crashed) AFTER the musical ended, while walking home.
its called "the trackers of oxyrhynchus"
one of those outdoor/indoor plays that engages the audience
moving from location to location around the uni campus.

i must say.
i was impressed by the costume.
they really looked like one of those centaurs out of the chronicles of Narnia.
and the entire play was in Sophocles' text which made it all the more intriguing for you had to hang on to their even word.

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