FAT to skinny.

i wonder how morbidly obese people can eat they amount of food they do.
i watched this show called "supersized vs superskinny", something along those lines.
and i was SHOCKED.

like i knew there were such people in this world and all.
too heavy to move out of bed.
have to be lifted out of their houses into hospitals to undergo gastric bypass.
but when they put you into the lives they lead.
its astonishing.

like this guy.
he eats ALL DAY.
i swear.
and the way he talks about food its like as though he has a serious relationship with it.

oh i realise they all have one thing in common too.
they all drink coke.
a lot of it.
when i mean a lot i mean 10 litres.

so before i was watching the show,
i had this chocolate craving.
after the show.
it was totally gone.

so if ure planning on overcoming cravings.
watch obese people giggle their fats and gorge their faces.
and say hello to slimmer days.

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