chocolate macarons.

this is the last item that i said i will be baking for the month.
obviously there will be MORE.

im just so surprised they worked out on my first try!
after the success of my macarons,
i have started brainstorming about the numerous flavors......
rose with lychee cream.
ah the list is endless.

im afraid i might turn into one of the many macaron crazy people i have read about in blogs.
it just might come true.

i got to say...
when i saw the "feet" on these babies
i gave a slight yelp.
they rose!!!

and i was a bit hesitant about the recipe as it did not require leaving the piped macarons out to dry.
all u needed to do is rap the baking sheet hard on the counter top.
but it turned out greattt.

oh and the recipe is from "The sweet life in Paris" by David Lebovtiz.

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