things i would like to do but never got around to doing.

1. paint a humongous painting.

2. stick some sticker street art.

3. learn how to snap my fingers properly in order to prevent looking stupid in situations where everyone can and i CANT.

4. speak japanese so i can fool people into thinking that i am, cause its oh so cool.

5. plant a herb garden so i wont have rotting herbs in the vegetable compartment of my fridge.

6. buy a house with a garden.

7. create an art blog. (not this jumbled up one i have here)

ok i think 7 is enough.
more than i can handle actually.
i think if i write more i might feel so demoralized at the exhausting tasks ahead
that i wont even attempt to start.

so yes.
i think number 5 and 6 wont be do-able by next year.
but the rest.
i will try.

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