rose and lychee macarons.

valentines day is here for the second time this year
as declared by these tiny pink parcels.

after much research and tampering of the ganche.
and not to mention a failure of my self invented pandan coconut macaron batch.
i finally got it!

what i learnt from my previous failure was to not overpulse the icing sugar and almond meal (or in my case dessicated coconut) as this will cause the oils to be release and making the mixture lumpy instead of powdery.

i decided to paint on hearts using red food dye for an extra touch =)

the rose flavor reminds me of my favourite drink back home called Bandung.
which is dilute rose syrup and condensed milk.
very niceeee.

once again,
the recipe is from david lebovitz.
just tweaked a little.
and the ganache is basically one part lychee puree and two parts white chocolate.

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