baker's paradise.

after a nice hearty dinner at my grandma's place
my parents brought me to this baking shop at toa payoh.

one word.

i was just randomly grabbing things
dumping them into the basket.
i felt like i was 5 years old again,
presented with a entire willy wonka's equilvalent sized candy shop.

so naturally.
after purchasing all my new equipment,
i rushed home to whip up a batch of macarons.

this time a less salty version of the fleur de sel caramel ones i made before.
as requested by my brother.

and despite the doubts of success
due to the humid weather and unfamiliar equipment.
they came out the same.
im a happy girl.
for this marks the beginning of MAJOR macaron making here back in my home ground.

just you wait and see. (or taste if youre lucky)

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