tips on being the ultimate domestic goddess.

1. make nigella lawson your role model.
speak flamboyantly (preferably with a british accent) and insert sexual innuendos into your conversation as much as possible without seeming slutty.

2. the trick to not sweating is to hide dust bunnies.
learn how to sweep dust bunnies under the carpet or into crevices to minimise sweating and maintaining the glamorous factor in order to fulfill the "goddess" requirement.

3. somehow.... learn how to bake cook clean wash scrub vacuum etc and still look sexy doing it.
the secret is just to do it with only your lingerie on. that should do the trick.

4. you have to ACTUALLY be able to cook, clean and bake. (for real)

now i shall go and...... (insert sexual innuendo here)

i aint no domestic goddess.

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