i have truely come to realise the horrible impact stress has on a person during the past few weeks.

1. my hair has gotten thinner and i hope its just cause i have not changed my parting in my life.
2. i cant go to the gym cause i need the time to memorise all my psychological shit.
3. i bake more as it helps me to "destress" (bad for health when combined with number 2.)
4. i get cranky and snap snap snap. (sorry to those who got bitten =S)
5. i dont bathe as often. (reasoning is cause i hardly leave the house, so yes....peeee ewww)

today i will be sitting for my last exam of the year
marking the end of its dreadful effects. (for now)
so hopefully,
its not too late and i have not turned into a smelly fat old lady.

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