baking bitch.

ive always known myself to be an impatient person when it comes to teaching.
its just me.

especially when it comes to cooking/ baking.
i guess i have the horrible mentality of "omg. this is common sense"
i need to shake it off before it comes back to haunt me.

so i have assigned myself several projects to cure this bitchy disease.
the first one would be to assist 2 friends in undertaking the daunting task of making macarons for the first time.
on my part, it will require great patience and "hands off" action.
and trust me.... being "hands off" in the kitchen is EXTREMELY hard for me to do for im a kitchen dominatrix.

the next project would be to teach strangers.
i will be carrying out baking demonstration sessions during my spring break at a departmental store back home.
you see,
this is different from teaching people you know well in which you have the liberty of screaming at them and soon be forgiven after (with some "sorry" macarons of course)

so yes.
in suppressing the baking bitch in me.

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