its MY kichen.

after observing my parents and other chefs/cooks
as well as from personal experience.

i have come to realise that people who love to cook are generally crazy.
they start to talk to themselves in the kitchen.
"one garlic. check. onion. bay leaf check."

giggle or cheer like lunatics at the slightest success of a new recipe
"OMGGG. i see feet!!!" (my first attempt at macarons)

they throw tantrums or make a big fuss like a 5 year old when something doesnt turn out right.
"shitttttt. i forgot to add the saffron. dammit!"

and i think i have figured out the reason for such tantrums.
its HARD to share kitchen space.
especially when youre attempting something ambitious and tricky
the last thing you want to have is someone asking you above your shoulder where you placed the pepper shaker
OR worst,
meddling with your food
and questioning procedures of the difficult operation you are undertaking.

sad to say.
i might have adopted a few of the above mentioned traits through my cooking and baking adventures.

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