the macaron thief.

this is my first short clay animation clip.
which i did on impulse at around 12am today.
and i finished just before 3am.
hope you like it.
i would have liked some charlie chaplin music to go along with it.
but i couldnt get a hold of some.
so when u watch it, try to induce yourself with bursts of audio hallucination.
that would be much appreciated.

and yes. i do realise how lame the storyline is. heh =)


MrPoasm said...

Ultra lame but ultra cute! Can make it longer! for eg.. really show the bunny being blend.
P/s: Again, the storyline is SUPER EXTREMELY LAME. DON'T MAKE SENSE AT ALL. TWO MACS ON A BOOK... BUNNY PUSHES ONE MAC AWAY... BUNNY GOT BLENDED... This is SO YOU- The 'laminity' and 'don't make sensibility'. Sure you can do better than this. But, the problem is I LIKE IT THIS WAY!

Clara said...

hhahhaahah. it was mega random. i actually thought of the blending idea but i didnt want to destroy the rabbit, even though its a macaron thief! but hey, this is only part 1. =)