neon macarons.

as i have been making too many macarons lately,
i decided that today i should make a different sort.

not the edible sort.
as they are made from polymer clay
when i was 10-12 years of age,
i took clay modelling classes from Garie Sim, who is a talented artist.

now i guess my interest has returned, when i discovered an old box of assorted coloured polymer clay the other day (reaping the benefits of cleaning up my room).

clay macarons in the toaster oven! oh and the purple bunny from the clip in the previous post.

i find bright neon colours for macarons extremely pretty but not so appealing to the appetite due to its artifical look. As such, i decided that creating a bright neon rainbow range would be most affective in preventing their death in the mouths of the greedy.

my next plan?
to get some key chain or jewellery making equipment.
then i will be able to WEAR MACARONS.


Mrs Multitasker said...

Clara! How come you remembered apprenticehousewife but forgot mrsmultitasker? hmm?

We had so much fun. Great job! Let us know when you open your bakery...


Clara said...

OOPS! heh

hhahaha the bakery. that will take quite a while. but im getting there!

thanks for coming for the class, had loads of fun with u girls =)