10 reasons why i live to eat, and not eat to live.

1. I get majorly crankly when i dont have a good meal.

2. About 80% of the time i wake up, the first thing i think about is "whats for breakfast?"

3. I have to make cook/bake or at least handle food at least once a day, if not i feel like i have not accomplish much in a day and all i did was slack.

4. The top reason why i want to go back to melbourne is so that i can cook and bake in the comfort of my own kitchen, and without the hot humid weather pestering me in the process.

5. I get excited (searching for food inspiration on the net for hours straight) about planning food for parties or gatherings.

6. Right now the books im "reading" (one is a cook book) are "Paris sweets" by Dorie Greenspan and "Doing without Delia" by Michael Booth.

7. I want a kitchen aid for my 20th birthday. Thank you mom, in advance.

8. The greatest risk i have to often take is trying out new restaurants that i have not read any reviews about.

9. I'm visibly struggling to inhibit size-ward expansion of my bodily self.

10. My tummy calls out for food (gastric pains) even though i JUST fed it.

so you see,
being a food lover isnt an easy task.
i have to undergo financial constraints, health risks, aesthetic distortion, mood changes as well as acting on habitual tasks.

someone should seriously consider diagnosing this as a possible FOODIE DISORDER.

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