tarte au cafe.

heres my first attempt at a pierre herme recipe from the book "Paris Sweets" by Dorie Greenspan.
i must say,
im impressed with his attention to detail, flavor as well as texture.

the coffee tart has an intense coffee flavor without being too strong.
and his use of white chocolate for the coffee ganache is genius
maintaining the pure coffee flavor.

the ganache is then covered with a layer of sponge fingers doused in espresso
followed by rosettes of coffee cream on top
i then decorated the tart with shards of milk chocolate and chocolate shavings.

one improvement i should have made was not to doubt the recipe.
i didnt brush the lady fingers with all the coffee specified in the recipe in fear of making the tart soggy.
i underestimated the amount of liquid they could absorb.
leaving me with a slightly dry tart.
lucky for me, the ganche helped me to cover this up.

so the moral is,
when it comes to pierre.
for he is The pastry "god".

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