look ma, look what i found!

when i cant sleep,
i conduct a macaron merchandise photoshoot. (yes i do realise im borderline crazy).

my passion for buying clothes, bags and shoes has somewhat faded.
if you leave me in a clothing store,
i will most likely come out with one item at most.
leave me at a supermarket
or at Daiso
or even worst, a baking shop.
and you wont even see me emerging from the exit till about a few hours later.

the funny thing is,
most of the stuff that i buy i have no clue of what to use them for or where to place them.

here is a fine example of such behavior.

Impulsive item #1Macaron Keychain
im surprised i didnt buy all the flavors (colours) and only stopped at 3. i think part of the reason why was cause MrPoasm was keeping an eye on me. =S

Impulsive item #2:

Macaron Ring
now if u know me well enough, you will know that i have this thing for nice weird rings.
so consider this a precious addition to my collection?

Impulsive item #3:

Macaron decorative tape
you wont guess how much this was. its dirt cheap, from the basement of raffles city. $1.90!!!

Impulsive item #4

Macaron stickers
this i really could not resist, for i have been a sticker collector since i was a child. i remember telling a school mate in kindergarten "If you dont give me sticker, i dont friend you! hmph!!"
imagine that!!

ok so maybe my impulsive items are not so impulsive after all?
i managed to come up with "logical"reasons as to why i purchased them.
or maybe they are just excuses.
ah wells...
i shall just stop thinking about the money i spent
and more on how im going to use these things!

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