bento bunnies.

twice a week for 3 weeks now, i have been making bento lunches for school as on mondays i have a jam packed day of 6 hrs without a lunch break.

bento lunches somehow become the highlight of my mondays as they make smile.

here is an example (my lunch for tomorrow)

my bento box, thermo bag and little fork.


it consists of an open sandwich.
homemade pumpkin and linseed multigrain bread, with mustard, ham, spinach and cheese bunnies.

and my daily intake of fruits, namely grapes and pineapple.

i think i was deprived of lunch boxes when i was younger.
now the signs of deprivation are showing.

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Gabriella said...

Dear Salts&Sweets, bento boxes are awesome. I recently discovered them and started making my own version of them since I have to order the real bento box online. It is because of people like yourself who make cheese bunnies that inspire me to be more creative with my bento box. Also, like how you added spinach to your sandwich. Looks so beautiful. I like how you have a thermal bag for yours. There are some wonderful shots of the bento box meal you made. Very professional and I will definitely be back to have a bite of more.
Thank you for sharing.
Cheers, Gaby
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