chocolate mint macaron fingers.

today my mom delivered to me the oh so amazing news that shes willing to give me a kitchen aid for my 20th birthday!
i can have my own personal one here. =)
but still missing the hot red one back at home though.

and i chose the colour MINT GREEN
that was the inspiration for my macarons today.
and the flavor combination of chocolate and mint reminded me of mint chocolate fingers.

which leads me to the final product of mint macarons with mint infused dark chocolate buttercream filling in the shape of chocolate fingers!

oh and i added dried mint leaves in the macaron batter to add an extra boost of freshness.

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aurorafedora said...

mmmmmmmmmmm, oh man, do these look beautiful!! i love chocolate and mint! you are really lucky to be getting your own kitchen-aid, i am 47 and still don't have my own! but i'm hoping.....! i love your recipes but your black and white dotty background does baaaad things to my eyes!! congrats on the mixer! joanne