8 little piggies.

I think that the next animal i would have as a pet after the usual canine and feline would be a pig!
Aren't they just adorable???

Plus they gobble up all your food scrapes, saving you the trouble of having leaky plastic bags in the bin and could possibly find me a truffle or two.

But of course, they are not practical at all. Being unable to provide them with a pit full of mud and grass to roll around in, i think i would make a horrible owner.

So in order to make up for that, i decided to make some pigs which aren't that demanding. All they want from you is to eat them!

The title says 8 little piggies but in the picture there are only 7.

This doesn't prove that i cant count, but that I'm a pig myself! I kinda ate one before the photos were taken cause they are just irresistible. =S

The picture above its the piggy's bum shown to you in its full glory, swirly tail attached and all.
Be warned, the following picture may be disturbing to you.......

I wanted to show you guys how it looked inside so i had to perform a rather brutal looking procedure of cutting it into half, a bit like a magic trick gone bad.
The filling consists of the same cream cheese filling i used for my cream cheese and raisin buns using the same sweet bread recipe as well. The new pig related addition would be ham, making it a piggy ham and cheese bun.
The method of making the bun was a bit tricky as i had to flatten the portioned dough into round disks and place a slice of ham on top followed by a dollop of the cream cheese filling and seal up the dough tightly into a ball.
I had put aside a small amount of dough to make the piggy parts which were small balls for the snout and tiny strips for the tail as well as black sesame seeds to make beady eyes. Everything basically stuck on without much fuss as the dough was sticky enough.
I think i might progress onto making other farm animals and have a Charlotte's web gang set up.
For now, pigs will do.

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