Chocolate hazelnut sables.

There are usually a few reasons why i bake,

firstly when there is a special occasion or someone requests for dessert
or i have a major urge to bake or craving due to boredom or being hyperactive in the kitchen in general,
or when there is an ingredient buried in my cupboard somewhere begging to be used in something glorious.

This time the reason was the latter.

I took pity on whats left of the bag of hazelnuts and searched through recipe indexes for "hazelnut".

Finally i found something requiring the exact amount of hazelnuts i had left which was the recipe foe chocolate hazelnut sables in "Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Herme".
This is my second Pierre Herme recipe that i will be attempted to make.

To be honest, I was quite put off by the tedious processes and long chilling times just for cookies but my boredom got the better of me and won laziness hands down.

The cookies turned out great after much precision, measuring dough thickness with a ruler down to the millimetre. They were really short and crumbly. Oh and the recipe yielded tons of dough so i froze some to bake on a rainy day.

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