Layered cakes!

I have been baking layered cakes recently.
mainly because december is holiday/making babies season
so many birthdays fall in september!

the cake above is a mango passion fruit mousse cake.
it was made not because of a birthday, more of a mango craving.
I cant wait for mango season to come!
missing the days when i could gobble down mangoes for breakfast and lunch.
i tried my best to source for ripe juicy mangoes for this cake, but they were still on the sour side.
but nevertheless the cake turned out pretty well.
it comprised of 2 light sponge cakes (recipe from Happy home baking (love her bread recipes too! )) filled with mango mousse (recipe from Do what I Like).
I then created a passionfruit jelly glaze using a can of passion fruit pulp and powdered gelatin and
decorated the cake with gelatin stabilized whipped cream and slices of mango.

The next cake was for a birthday for a good friend's 21st birthday.
shes a salsa queen, spins around like a top.

I spent a long long time searching and experimenting with chocolate cake recipes.
now, i think i got the right one!!
its moist, light and really chocolaty at the same time.
it uses buttermilk and vegetable oil, thats why i think it stays so moist.

oh i almost had a major disaster with this cake.
always always wait for your cake to cool completely before you starting icing it, if not it will become an utter mess.
Lucky for me, i managed to salvage it. wheww.

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