strawberry ladybug.

The weather in melbourne has been completely erratic, but when it gets nice and sunny, its perfect for picnics and grass lazing.

I dont know when ladybugs appear during the year.
To be honest, i hardly ever see them here, but i think that they are the cutest insects!

So, this here is a smiling ladybug strawberry cheesecake!
I made mini black macarons and used them to make the ladybug's infamous spots.
You should have seen them in the oven!
All tiny and round, giving my oven the illusion of being bigger.

I melted chocolate and piped on the eyes and the other details too.

I used the recipe from Do what I Like.
She makes the lightest cakes which are of just the right sweetness.


Maria said...

LOVE THIS! Cutest thing ever!

Clara said...

thanks maria! =)