Hello, panda!

I have been wanting to bake this bread for the longest of time!
I first saw it on Do What I Like.
She provides a link to this Japanese website that gives excellent step by step photos.

Its the cutest thing ever!
I was afraid my panda would turn out disfigured, but guess what!
It ended up looking like this cartoon I used to be crazy over when i was 10 or so, called Tarepanda. Look how their eyes are similar! hahah!!
Anyways. this bread is made out of a single dough recipe that is divided into three portions. One is flavored with cocoa powder, the other green tea powder and the last remains plain. So its not that hard to make at all. You just have to be patient in terms of waiting for the bread to prove and rise. This is definitely one of those things that is too cute to eat! Having said that, I think together with some nutella, it will be gone in a giff!

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