Perfecttt italiano.

I'm horrible when it comes to handling stress.
Being a chronic worrier, it leads to being anxious and afraid of not meeting up to goals I have set to "motivate" myself.
Somehow it always backfires and I do this thing where I freak out for days and cry at the slightest thing (Hitting my toe on the door for example).
It gets pretty ridiculous.

So.... Being my sweetest boy.... poor Mr Poasm comforted me and tried numerous ways to reduce my stress levels. One of the things he did was cook me this scrumptious Italian meal. I was so impressed! Antipasto, pasta AND ice cream! I got to admit, I was doubtful when we were in the supermarket and he picked up....TAMARILLO. I dont even know what it was and he was going to cook with it! =O

So.. after about 2 hours in the kitchen, this masterpiece emerged.

He whipped up two massive plates of antipasto. First consisted of prosciutto with tamarillo jam, italian salami with roasted asparagus, cherry tomatoes and portobello mushrooms.

Next was a plate filled with grilled eggplant and green olives, roasted artichoke and scallops and prawns.

The next course was smoked salmon pasta.

And for dessert was homemade passionfruit and mango ice cream.

I was so full after that but my tummy was so happy. =)
Thanks sweets for the lovely meal!

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