Flower power buns.

Ever since the arrival of my bread machine into my home, I have never bought much bread since then. The therapeutic effects of kneading, shaping and having an end product that is homemade is much more satisfying than just running down to the nearest convenience store to grab a loaf.
This is the first time I'm using the Tang Zhou method to make my dough and I got to say... the end result is definitely much softer than the usual methods. Yes... there is the hassle of washing another pot, but who cares when the bread stays soft for more days!

I tried various ways of shaping the dough, and the end result kinda looked.....flowery? ahaha both were in the shape of flowers.
The first one embodied the classic breakfast combination of egg and ham in the form of a bun.
The other had sausages and spicy pork floss on top.

I made these the day before my parents and grandma came over to visit, so they were all gone the next day!

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