Food therapy.

School has been really exciting so far. I'm starting on my research project and I'm looking into using video modelling as an intervention for autism. I have been filling up my days with readings and volunteer work, hence the lack of blogging entries. My sincere apologies... looking after a 4 year old boy with autism is pretty challenging. He's just the cutest thing ever. He has trouble talking but its okay as he likes t
o hold my hand and hug me from the back. Oh and he likes to play with his ipad. O.O

Apart from that I'm also volunteering at the Anxiety Recovery Helpline. Which means that if you suffer from any anxiety problems and call the helpline number.. I might be the person on the other end of the phone?

Oh Oh! I'm also expecting a new member in the household, a kitty. ^.^ She's too tiny now but in about 2 weeks shes MINE. muhahaah

Despite all these programs in my life, I never fail to find the time to bake! It just helps me to de-stress and relax. A week ago, I made some macarons. I wanted to make them extra special due to my long break from making new flavors. In the end I decided to make something i craved, and at that moment, my tummy beckoned for berry cheesecake and so berry cheesecake macarons it was!

I made purple shells using my trusty basic recipe and whipped up some raspberry cream cheese buttercream filling. I filled the macarons with the buttercream and buried a whole blueberry in each macaron. Which means, once you bite into the macaron, a burst of raspberry and fresh blueberry flavor will explode in your mouth! In order to make it a cheeseCAKE macaron, I ground up some digestive biscuit crumbs and coated the macaron with it, adding some crunch and biscuit flavor.

I also made birthday cupcakes for my friend's birthday party. They were chocolate fudge cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese buttercream frosting. I decorated the cupcakes with blue sugar pearls and chocolate buttons dusted with gold dust.

I cant wait to show you what else I have made! That will be up in the next post! Heres a hint. ;)

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