Macaron tower!

I have never really liked the thought of someone leaving. About 2 weeks ago, a close girlfriend of mine, Prim left to study in the UK. =( so in order to show how much we love and will miss her, Mr Poasm and I invited her and a couple of other friends over for dinner. Mr Poasm focused on cooking, while i baked. I wanted to make something super special, something that would make Prim scream and shout and maybe go, "I've decided to stay cause I want to eat your macarons!!" hahaha. It was just a thought.

So... to increase the probability of that happening, I made..... A MACARON TOWER. Something I have never attempted before. It took me quite a while to find a styrofoam cone of the correct height. I made milk chocolate macarons (Prim's favorite) and passion fruit ones too. I figured that my stacking skills wouldn't be too great for a first timer at macaron towers, so I made yellow icing roses to fill in the gaps or cover any unsightly accidents just in case.

I was so proud of myself after assembling it. All the macarons stayed in place for a few hours till dessert time! Oh by the way the lovely photos of the macaron tower are taken by my talented friend Bryan Sun.

Dinner was fabulous as usual. Mr Poasm never fails to impress =) His first dish was a crispy parsnip and brie slice.

This picture doesn't do the second course justice. It was a slice of sticky pork belly with turnips and pear puree. After eating the last bite of the pork, I immediately wanted more. It was melt in the mouth deliciousss.

The main course was my favorite. Roasted quail with pea puree and berry reduction and mash.
The flavors complemented each other so well. I want more!! *hint hint*
When it was dessert time, I was practically shaking in my chair. I was so excited to see how prim would react to my masterpiece. ahaha. and impressed she was!

Awwww. Prim, I miss you already! Hope you have a good time in UK and don't forget that Christine and I are always here for you =) loveee.


prim said...

Dammit clara! my stupid computer auto completed my name! now people I date in future are going to google my name and find that unflattering picture of me attempting to inhale a macaron tower whole. please delete the previous comment.

Love you!

Clara said...

<3 u and your silly ways la woman. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Your macarons are really nice. May I know where you got your cone from???