Back in business!

Hello fellow readers!

I have tons of good news to share! Before I get down to the juice stuff, I just want to explain my utterly long absence. I've just completed an exhausting, and mentally draining year of studies! It occupied so much of my time that I hardly had the energy to bake. Even if I did, it was for personal consumption to relieve myself of stress. So.... now that all that is over... I'm free to bake! That brings me to my first piece of good news.

The other piece of good news is regarding a cook book that has been published in which my Pandan coconut macaron recipe has been featured in! I was ecstatic when I saw the book sitting on the shelf in a bookstore that I frequently go to. The cookbook features other recipes from various people of all ages and occupations, making it a community cookbook project. To find out more or to purchase it, click here!

hehe... and yes thats me in the picture =P

Happy Holidays folks!


Melbourne Pizza Delivery said...

Congratulations on the book! I look forward to reading it.


LOOKS SO GOOD CLARA!!!!! I LOVE YOUR PANDAN MACARON. It was the first I tried. I remember avoiding people that I semi knew while walking back from uni with christine because I didn't want to have to offer it to them! Omnomnom. :)

Clara said...

hehe thanks prim! =)) missing you! im going back sg end of year. are you??